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Specializing in Shop and Mobile Service and Repairs

H2 Equipment continually enhances its operational capacity for servicing a wide spectrum of equipment. With established collaborations with nearly 500 vendors nationwide and access to an extensive inventory of over 10 million parts, we remain committed to ongoing learning and strategic investments to ensure the successful completion of any task. In this dynamic landscape of evolving equipment, it is our duty to stay well-informed and adapt accordingly.

H2 Equipment operates as a comprehensive compact equipment repair facility, proficient in servicing a diverse range of machinery including skid loaders, wheel loaders, telehandlers, forklifts, scissor lifts, boom lifts, trenchers, and various other construction-related equipment. Additionally, we provide expedient on-site mobile service through a fleet of multiple service trucks to promptly attend to your equipment breakdowns.

Eric demonstrated an unwavering commitment to H2 Equipment’s growth, making consistent investments in both advanced tooling and a skilled workforce. His dedication to locating the needed tooling or resources for any task became a hallmark of the company, filling a void present in his prior work experiences. Many a time, dealing with unconventional equipment, individuals were left grappling in the dark, piecing together solutions.


Routine maintenance is key to preventing machine breakdowns. Skipping oil changes and regular services can result in engine, fuel, or hydraulic system failures, causing costly repairs and productivity loss. With our 250-hour visits, enjoy peace of mind. Opt for a hassle-free maintenance plan with H2 Equipment.


Test your oil to know what’s going on before failure! Oil sampling allows you to monitor wear on bearings and other hard parts in the engine, power train and hydraulic systems.


A coolant flush service involves draining and replacing old engine coolant to prevent overheating and maintain optimal engine temperature, ensuring smooth operation.


Most common service.
•  Change engine oil
• Oil filter, fuel filter, and air filter as needed.
• Inspect and grease equipment.


• Every 1000 hour interval
•  Change all oils
• Replacement of all filters
• Adjust brakes, boom chains, and cables as necessary.


Our Annual Inspection service provides a thorough assessment of your property or equipment, ensuring safety and compliance. Trust our experts for peace of mind and optimal performance year-round.


Performance inspection is a comprehensive evaluation of systems and processes to identify inefficiencies and areas for improvement, enhancing overall operational effectiveness.


Our Used Equipment Inspection service provides thorough assessments to ensure the quality and reliability of pre-owned machinery, offering peace of mind to buyers.


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Passionate about delivering growth in equipment service industry.



H2 Equipment Repair is constantly expanding its resources when it comes to working on different kinds of equipment. We work with close to 500 vendors across the nation and have access to over 8 million parts. We never stop learning and we are always willing to make the smart investment to do whatever it takes to get the job done! Equipment is evolving and it’s our job to know it.

We have vast service experience with the following equipment brands:

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Satisfied Clients Share Their Experiences

Todd Customer

We started using Eric and H2 Equipment in 2015, since then they have taken care of all our equipment onsite. Its been a huge resource for us they know our equipment and keep us running.

Brian S Customer

I needed a cylinder fixed fast, took it to H2 and it was done in the same day!

Rodger W Customer

Eric and his guys know there stuff, we call them for all our ASV needs and were happy to bring our machine in all the way from Missouri because we know its going to get fixed

Jerome M Customer

They had a nice open lot I could pull my semi into, I needed an 1 ¼ hose they had everything in stock so and even let me borrow the adjustable wrenches to take my bad hose off and put my new hose o

Ed H Customer

We called all over northern Nebraska on Friday afternoon needing a hose fitting for our sprayer the only place that had it was H2 Equipment, they came in Saturday morning and made us the hose to get us going! Would recommend these guys!!

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